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Has a judge decided that either you or the non-custodial parent be ordered to have supervised visits or transportation transfers with your child? Worrying about his/her date with the non-custodial parent?


Rest easy. Consider reaching out to Leigh and make sure everything goes smoothly.


Leigh is a professional supervised child visitation monitor with a background in the medical field. As a licensed vocational nurse with at least ten years working in pediatrics, she’s used to interacting with children and parents. While a supervised visitation monitor is mostly just an observer to the date, the custodial parent can rest easy knowing that someone will be able to properly handle any situation that may arise. A background in the medical field also means she has worked with patients of all backgrounds and circumstances. Because of this, she has a non-judgmental attitude toward any situation and is there simply because she wants to serve a person in need.


Leigh has completed the 24 hours of training required by the Standard 5.20, which contains the uniform standards of practice for providers of supervised visitation. This includes instruction on child abuse reporting laws, confidentiality, record-keeping procedures, and the screening, monitoring, and termination of visitation among many others. She has also completed Basic Life Support training, which enables a person to give the type of first-aid needed for anyone experiencing cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, or an obstructed airway. This includes skills such as CPR, pulse checks, and rescue breathing. This means both custodial and noncustodial parents will also be able to rely on her in health-related cases. She has a Trustline DOJ and FBI background clearance as well, which is an authorized screening program that does criminal background checks.


Leigh has used her knowledge and skills to help her own family as well. Her knowledge of family court came from having been a close support to a loved one in the family court system. With this, she has successfully raised her daughter in a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Contact Leigh today so she can assist you with the process of setting up visitation for your child(ren). You will be happy with the connection you make.  Call 760-385-3101 or email her at

Or just click this link to complete a form and Leigh will connect with you within 24 hours!

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